Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creative Uses for MTurk for my business / internet marketing?

Okay, I have a strange idea for you. Probably fail miserably, but hey, it's only $ 7, or?

Perhaps there is a right to a return on investment basis. And one that potentially very scalable.

Consider MTurk workers. What they all have in common? Tens of thousands of people - each of them are interested to make money online.

Of course it is difficult to do much in MTurk. So what is the next logical step for a Turker? Fiverr.

And I just see so happen to offer a course of Fiverr for sale.

So how about the design of a task, the work to promote the course for them? Perhaps you might have to read the sales page and a survey.

Start with questions that get them to express positive feelings about the product: "What was the most attractive part" Then the issues that are to be displayed with the product are: "When describing the system, how much money do you think were implemented ? "and so on, resulting in the first month to a kind of soft closing. That would be a little secret, of course.

You can meet the requirements of the task, adjust your target audience.

And maybe some of them to buy. Only one way to find out. -)


PS If you decide to try, I think probably increase the acceptance of Bitcoin your conversions significantly. It is popular among people Turker.

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