Monday, September 8, 2014

Online Marketing Trends Survey Martindale Nolo

"Company Law and customer are in the Internet age. Is no longer possible to ignore the Internet definitely has the legal industry is changing," pronounced Martindale, a company, Nolo, as it will be addressed publish a customer survey today, as to the Registry Online to use marketing.

"The state of online marketing in the legal sector", in Q2 2014 Nolo Martindale found ", a live view into the way the legal community approaches to get online marketing."

Of course, a cynic might say that the survey of nearly 300 current clients of the law firm of Martindale Nolo generate more use of online services from a sample of practitioners. But that said, the answers are interesting.

Among the key findings:

• 65% of respondents said they spend more than half of their marketing budgets online initiatives; and 40% spend more than 75% of the total marketing budget.

• 42% said the media were the most effective advertising lead generation services. In addition, the efforts were to optimize search engines by selected 18% of respondents; 14% of respondents search engine marketing, Google Adwords and Pay-per-click campaigns. Perhaps surprisingly, only 4.1% cited the blogs and social networks. Advertising in "yellow pages" directories, television and print were all under 3%.

• production accounts for over 25% of the new cases lead, reported 44% of respondents, and of this group, half of which caused more than 50% of the new company.

• Timing is everything, according to respondents, 71% said that they are an improvement of less than one hour; 37% in 15 minutes. A meet less than 1% or more days after application. A surprising 22%, when the projection are contacted, 64% gave the three tests, from 12% up to six times.

• The route leads companies through case management systems (23%), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Corp (26%), other media (25%) - 25% was recognized child.

Six Tips

Martindale Nolo also offers six tips:

• Answers to the slopes in 15 minutes.

• Make a minimum of three to five attempts to communicate with potential customers.

• Call each driver the information contained in the presentation, which may not be entitled to perform contain information.

• If you do not receive a reply five attempts, contact guidance in the future.

• Track your efforts, even if you only have a simple table. You can help to recognize and revive latent child.

• You can have a better return on investment when you determined to improve the speed and persistence of monitoring.


"Martindale, a company Nolo" is the new name for the partnership between legal and professional LexisNexis (part of Reed Elsevier) and Internet brands, which was taken place on March brands. Internet took the leading role in the relationship, which is designed to handle the online marketing efforts for lawyers. (In March, the company plans on how to run the Martindale-Hubbell announced.)

Headquartered in El Segundo, California. Internet Brands was launched in 1998 in the incubator Idealab and began as Internet Brands operates "media sites, community and e-commerce online" for the automotive industry, health, home and travel, diversified legal and communication media. "The company announced in June that it had signed a definitive agreement with KKR, a global company investments to Internet Brands Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity." CEO Bob Brisco and management team online retailers have a minority stake in the company and continue to run the business. "

Nolo Nolo Internet Brands bought in 2011 with a motto of "justice for all", two legal aid lawyers, Charles Sherman and Ralph Warner, "was founded in 1971 as Nolo Press the were founded redirect with workers tired are not entitled to legal aid, but could not can afford a lawyer. "First provides self-help books and legal forms for the consumer, Nolo Press has quickly become a popular source for solo and small business software services and marketing services offered ultimately lawyers for lawyers. Nolo now offers free legal advice, products and services, a directory of lawyers (with tips on setting Lawyers) and much more. It has a partnership with Intuit Inc. to provide example testator Nolo Quicken software.

Before the Internet was added, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubble was best known for his hardcover volumes as lawyers. then took advantage of online options, and "presented the qualifications and skills of more than 2 million lawyers and firms" and offers site development, search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services, according to the press release.

In announcing the partnership, Internet Brands has promised that "all existing online products and marketing services for corporate customers, including Web hosting, directory advertising, lead generation, online ads and continue to be served and improved by the joint -Venture, "said the press release.

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