Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vice President of Internet Marketing

Title: Vice President of Marketing on the Internet
We are looking for an experienced Vice President of Internet Marketing to join the team as a strategic arm under online properties visionary company and product in a scalable service that we have on the market. * The company VPIM work hand in hand with the management team in the development of strategies for the design, information architecture, implementation, optimization, analysis and planning activities. Other duties include research and application of best practices in digital marketing and helps to optimize the user experience and how best to optimize management via the digital space for staff and external agencies our services. His influence strategic planning and interact with product direction, as a result ultimately a blow tens of millions of people worldwide.
* Responsible for the achievement of corporate goals through the development of strategies for the global media and content, the voice and the vision to provide defense.
* Provide consumers, industry and trade ideas and current trends in critical business partners.
* Initiatives to innovation and technology, support to generate traffic, acquisition, brand sentiment, consumer participation and reach.
* Responsible for leading and developing a team of digital and social advocates.
* Identify ways to generate the behavior of the multi-channel customer and a seamless experience across all channels.
Digital and Social Media
* Provide leadership and influence to develop marketing strategies, the programs paid for digital and social media, quarterly and annually, and increase the maximum commitment, scope and digital business performance.
* Ideate and strategic alliances with today's new digital networks that can improve the business, content marketing and new business opportunities.
* Understanding / monitoring of communities of interest.
* Possess leadership experience, a team of community managers who lead with the nuances of the individual channels are familiar; A thorough knowledge of social networking and shadow as a social scientist *.
* Responsible for the latest trends and keep up with the beta * or * chance to test first, the expansion of social platforms.
* Monitor and approve weekly salary schedule for all channels.
* Knowledge and experience in crisis management in social media.
Creative Content strategy /
* Development of IP strategies for seasonal, monthly and daily content.
* Create, evaluate and lead creative design for the Internet, providing critical input in the creation of social / digital content.
* Directs the development of all creative briefs and the creative process from concept to managing the execution.
* Partner closely with and often supervise the work of social analysis team; Candidate has a knowledge base on the analysis of digital and social media and is at the forefront of available tools in the room.
* Candidate can measure new ways to new platforms and omni efforts to diagnose.
* Supports the week indicator and helps to communicate the results and measures forecasts on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
Tech / Innovation
* Acute awareness of best practices in the user experience; responsible for the project management
* User Experience building with an eye to the future of international adoption.
* Savvy in negotiations and attractions understanding adtech prices.
* Now, in communities and strategies targeted keywords versed accordingly.
* Strategic thinker with a passion for the customer and the ability to think creatively and analytically.
* Self-starter with strong views.
* Persuasive Communicator.
* Significant experience in consumer marketing, models and strategies eComerce SASS member. Strong track record of building marketing programs that drive awareness, customer acquisition and retention.
* Demonstrated experience working with creative and effective marketing organizations.
* Proven experience with the provision of services and the establishment of new team boss floor.
* Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required.
* MBA preferably not required.
* Digital significant long-term social experience.
* Has proved Looking for someone who has experience in a product launch (ideally in Internet / digital space), and put this experience end up with the traffic and conversion.
* This person must be very experienced in SEO and analytics.
* Must be able to start for the reception of the company from the Beta to be understood in the space of its partners, its their product and vision and proven methodology.
* Technical training is a must.
* Experience in B2B / B2C

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