Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jacuzzi Pool and Internet Marketing Consultant Distributor expands its Spa

David Carleton, a marketing consultant Jacuzzi opened a second office to provide more service for Whirlpool Sauna dealers, builders and retail

September 3, 2014 / MM-prReach / -

Jacuzzi marketing consultant David Carleton is proud to announce the opening of an office in Portland, Oregon. "Our company was founded several years ago to look at the pool, whirlpool and sauna broker to leads and increase sales in your area to help create," said David Carleton, president of Spa Pool marketing success. "We are by the success that our clients continue to help our proven lead generation strategies able to open our agency," said Carleton.

Whirlpool marketing has become very competitive in recent years, as a broker, a variety of mobile spa brands have become more aware of the need and importance of Internet marketing. Not quite integrated with a website and internet marketing strategy to the time cost of the pool, spa and sauna dealer sales and profits, day after day, year after year.

After Carleton, "many traders spend most of their time, money and resources trying to attract people just by their showroom to forget that most consumers will search online first. Our services" made "to use a variety of unique to help dealers about to get more attention in the major search engine strategies. After all, if people can not find a business on Google, they can not buy from them either. "

Internet Marketing Success for the pool, spa 9 steps - "to educate the pool, spa and sauna dealers on certain strategies that have proven successful in generating leads, we have created a free guide sauna and distributors," said Carleton . Some of these strategies are website design, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media, generation and conversion tracking marketing and referral marketing.

Http:// Spas distributors, dealers and manufacturers of Sauna, who know more about internet marketing guide for visiting the website of the company are invited to

About David Carleton Pool and Spa Marketing Success
David Carleton is a broker consultant Pool and Spa, which is in internet marketing, dealers and builders pool spa, how to spend less and more specialized in their marketing and advertising strategies with low costs in marketing a business, Local lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media.

Dave was Vice President of Dimension One Spas for six years, where he developed sales; Marketing and training programs that have helped hundreds of distributors in 30 countries around the world to generate leads, increase sales and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Dave was a keynote speaker for many industry, the Chamber of Commerce and groups in the United States and has written several books, including The Ultimate Lead Generation System and targeting key marketing system. Dealer spa, sauna and pool builders retailers to the company, can at 858-442-3131 or visit David Carleton

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