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16 SEO Content Writing Tips - Infographic

16 SEO Content Writing Tips - Infographic

Follow these tips to write SEO content to improve your rankings.

To write SEO content and the perfect combination

Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand when generate regular quality content, the visitors left and can play an important role. Ideal if you choose your right keywords, reflect on how your target audience searches for information online.

To get results, you need to get the right SEO basics. One of the best ways to improve the search rankings is by producing unique content.

SEO Tips for writing original content

It is best not succeed in imitation to originality.

-Herman Melville

the three parts to develop the shape of the content marketing to develop Chain

Content marketing is an important part of how you rank keywords.

He wrote many SEO content not only the keywords, but it is to add value to your audience, helping you to achieve your goals and open and human.


Keep in mind that SEO is competitive. First, if you seriously want to improve your SEO, you should do your homework. There are four parts:

  • Identify the problem and decide what you want to write - check Google Trends, Hashtags trend, Reddit, Digg Find Topics
  • Research on keywords to niche topic - use LongTail Pro
  • identify appropriate keywords can be used to classify be realistic

  • Be creative - you get an angle or a way to add value to your audience,
  • A title murderers - is important to capture the attention of people and clicks

# 2 - Write content that adds value

  1. Writing how-to articles
  2. Weekly Raids
  3. Use lists:
  4. Collect important data about your market or industry
  5. Produce a list of key people
  6. To observe trends
  7. Step by step instructions
  8. Industry changes and what they mean for your customers
  9. Share ideas on industry reports
  10. Extracts parts Webinar
  11. Take a poll and use it to make a point
  12. Use excerpts from interviews
  13. Report the most common mistakes people make and how they can prevent
  14. A series of blogs on key issues, to lead the people
  15. Examine customer
  16. Subsequent events and the reactions of these
  17. Use industry breaking news, make suggestions for changes
  18. Ask others for ideas in your area


  • Use to help various types of content, your content interesting and original:
  1. Video
  2. Cartoon - toonlet
  3. GIF - The Vine
  4. Meme - MeMe generator
  5. Podcast
  6. Slides - Slideshare or Prezi
  7. Infographic - see my post here, as they produce their own

  • Search by Subject - use high quality sources such as university research or research solid marketing: Marketing Boards Pew Internet, Google Scholar and Web lens.
  • Curating an article and a link to other bloggers and blogs
  • Create a list of resources - Listly
  • Follow reports and industry events are a great resource to find the latest, the impact of market development, mergers and acquisitions, new ideas, as well as factors affecting the market, for example, environmental aspects.

    13 tips to write SEO content Infographic

    This infographic from Atcore gives you some tips for writing content through SEO.

    Tips on SEO content writing infographics


    Executive Summary

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    Figure 16 more SEO content writing tips

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