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When it's time for a website redesign

It can be since the last revision of the website, or maybe you have not done a re-design their own right since the creation of the website for a few years. Either way, When it is Time for a Website Redesign image design construction if you have not designed your website in the last year, then you probably do not need a loan or sensitive mobile site, it's probably time to consider a complete website redesign.

How do you know when it's time?

If your site is not aligned with the marketing goals, you must re-design. You must send the right message to your customers and is consistent throughout your marketing strategies.

Even if everything outdated, and you have a wise and sensitive mobile site (should) know it's time. You do not want to use multi-selection between desktops, smartphones and tablets behind its competitors, which are a seamless mobile experience desktop more and more people and their experience is always pleasant to fall.

According to ComScore, smartphones and tablets have become more office-and internet use because they expand more accessible nearly doubled the time of 2010-2013 online output support so that smartphones and tablets are. Who knows, it might take as a mobile office, where perhaps jobs in the same way as we see today look, VCR or CD more. I could here and there, but certainly not with. Imagine.

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Another reason would be if your site has perhaps seen a slow load time or as a competitor. Each of them can be confused or offensive users outside of your website to another. If this is the case, that cost money that you, because it does not get as many sales or leads.

What to do first

First, a discovery process where you see what is in the current situation and what does not want to do. Which pages to get traffic and conversion, and which are not? Watch your traffic analysis on pages that are to determine the best and convert. You want your website to show your overall marketing goals, so always keep this in mind throughout the process.

You should have the requests for features that you want, and show examples of similar sites (no competition) that you want to view, to talk to your web developer. Also, you should know who your target audience. Make sure the message is clear and focused on them. After you. Complete information, which you (or your developer) who wants to build on the site map and wire the site, collected

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Need content for keywords for your products and services optimized. There will also be videos and photos that are displayed throughout the site because the images are the key to a good user experience. You get access to FTP servers have, as well as accommodation and analysis. Finally, before you begin, check out these six goals of your website and make sure that everything that is related to your business and website to cover.

Website platform choices available,

Depending on the business, e-commerce site might be an option. If you are getting a lot of traffic on the move, then you should consider investing in a mobile application. Find content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or hire an agency or web developer how your website can build. WordPress is used in small businesses because of its ease of use and plug-ins, but can the loading time of your website slow to be careful if you choose this route.

If you are looking for the most professional and personal website and custom would be the best option for you to do. But every time when you set a new web developer, make sure you know what your web developer will tell you, if you know what questions to ask to find the right one.

What is the average cost of professional redesigning your website

We hope you are looking to made your website professionally, both graphically and also optimized for search engines. If the assets of the brand are the same, it would cost around 50 to 65% of the original cost of re-designing your website. $ 6,500 for a site tailored for professionals - That would leave about $ 4500.

If the assets of the brand have changed, and you can start your site will cost around $ 6,500 - $ 10,000 made and optimized for professional design and professional SEO. Having a great website is only half the battle. It is the content that you put into it, optimize tags, and the development of a content marketing strategy you stand out from your competitors online. It is all in one, and that is what you would get with a full-service marketing agency in web design internet.

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Do not go for a cheap and ends with the work of professional service and either find another web developer or look for another redesign next year. How to Find a Good Web Design and SEO agency and know that your website will be set for the future, as well as optimized for search engines so that your customers can find you.

Please more tips for when a website or what to do in the redesign process, please leave a comment below and share your knowledge!

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