Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paris Sports Marketing on the Internet


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And what gives you the right to make that "quick" decisions? Are you using a computer in the background update rate for these elections.

So, who the American division will win? Or is it cost me $ 1500?

Thank you for your message, I think the original message was misinterpreted. We charge $ 1,500 for a MLB season, not a game, so you do not know how you are familiar with sports betting, if we win 100 units in a single season and the size is $ 50 per unit, you won $ 5,000.00.

All parts are shown on a statistical model we have developed is based. It was successful for the last 5 seasons in the majors, which produces more than 100 units per season.

Our roadmap is there, but the purpose of this thread is to provide ideas about how we create this service to the market, do not try to sell here. Let us know your thoughts and ideas.

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