Friday, July 18, 2014

Target marketing has changed ad clicks start Note on the Facebook

The field of online marketing is always in motion, and the last two years there has been significant investment to increase by manufacturers to participate at many properties, including Facebook and YouTube. This influx of money from advertising contributes significantly to the final results of these sites, particularly Facebook, but the password for marketing move used. Latest research group in June suggests that the trend to move away from participation in social networks and back to the properties of the digital watermark property.

The main results of the study show that, like Facebook and YouTube "provide a total of 69% of all measures taken by the campaigns of the brand in 2012," but the corresponding figure for the end of 2013 saw the dedication of 30%. This commitment has to go somewhere and the proportion of brand messages indicate the ownership of the brand itself was from 28% to 61% over the same period.

The Social Network Mark Zuckerberg has been active for brands and marketers see Facebook as a channel "paid" for the year 2014, when this change is not in a vacuum.

This can be attributed in part to the nature of social networks maturation. Players now completed the Gold Rush and brands are established, marketing spend away from collecting taste and trailers to the direct users of these out of the maze of social networking websites and landing pages splash marks.

As the creator of Blogger, writer and media they grew suspicious of space for your network and social control to large online companies (which can be bought, sold granted to remove content, Pivot fed a river keywords to divide the cake or any other to find combination of hot trends), companies and brands the same way to more contact and control of the customer experience.

CEO of the June group, Mitchell Reichgut highlights some areas that have an impact on the fate of one click. "As an advertising spend more on developing branded content and digital experiences will want to bring the audience directly to these destinations. Meanwhile, social platforms are made it harder for brands to communicate with the fans.

"These behaviors that social channels go public" belonging paid "to a more traditional" "channels as they matured. In 2012, the people have focused on" Like "and" Next. "Brands have now built his following and use social platforms to pre-roll and display running line of their public ownership and content management."

When clicks come from lead? (Photo: Jun Group)

When clicks come from lead? (Photo: Jun Group)

Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst at eMarketer, social media can, to see the reasons for this change of attitude, "There was a time when traders saw Facebook as a place of social interaction and build a fan base. Yet when Facebook started, the Bio assortment of brand messages to reduce, the game has changed, "he said." Facebook has a large number of promotional products that are built more direct response in nature, and many of these ads, can push people and directly to the websites of merchants landing pages.

As the Internet developed, changed the main point of contact for users over and over again. Web portal AOL and Yahoo for "build your own" portal of readers and RSS pages provided Google Custom home, there was always something new around the corner. User, the content provider to fit fit, and adapt dealer.

"I think Facebook has recognized that brands want to maintain control over their user base, and the best way to do this is so that they can connect their organic compounds and their ads directly to their own properties," Williamson leads. "If a job requires people to go to a page on Facebook and" like "something is not as important as a post office, a person links directly to a page on the website of the purchaser."

The current trend is to allow sites like Facebook. Twitter, Google+, and a signal for Internet users (and in some cases, video and media homepages of YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and leading online content and social networks). As Facebook seems to a new model of participation and advertising, is just as blankets against a powerful industry Facebook steer public opinion online.

If this will affect the sales by the various properties and partnerships remains to be seen.

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