Friday, July 18, 2014

Sound Off: Which marketing tools are most effective?

A: To ensure that the seller obtain the highest sale price possible, my goal is always the largest marketing network to throw. The foundation for a successful campaign begins with a variety of professional high-definition pictures of the house and some of the features of the neighborhood.

These pictures are the first and most important impression of the house.

Photos are in an exhibition at the embedded national and international, local, regional, including advertisements, brochures, a website owned and MLS services online. Upload property in the social networking sites and other sites like help attract the attention of buyers who are looking to relocate.

It is important to go all the way to the international customers. Printed publications and international online rich images are becoming increasingly important with the arrival of foreign investors who do not check in some cases, the house before you buy.

But as a highly-qualified brokerage and common sense necessary in every marketing campaign in order to manage demand and negotiate a possible higher selling price.

Jane Bush,

Union Pacific,

(510) 388-6841, jane.strauch @

A: The Internet has changed the way buyers are looking for houses changed. Buyer no longer on the newspaper to open houses from. Since more than 90 percent of home buyers find the home they purchase online, Internet presence should be an essential part of the marketing plan of your property.

To effectively market a property and get the best prices and conditions you find an agent who knows how to be at home among hundreds of other listings houses online want. You need professional photos in the correct format for each site to show your home in its best light. The average buyer sees 10 homes before an offer. You want your home to see for the first time.

While online marketing is, as we have a lot of potential buyers, you will need your agent still provide all proven methods of online marketing. Widely read newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle offered a wide audience of potential buyers for your home. Home sellers continue to benefit from chronic open ads, postcards and direct marketing shipper for the surrounding neighborhood.

Devin Ratoosh,

Marvin Gardens Real Estate Berkeley, (510) 848-8888,,

A: The best marketing tools are friends, family and former clients. This is the heart able to pass along your name and let others know what. A great job you have done

My website is another great resource, as most people like to look before you buy or sell. With valuable and useful resources, he tried to generate visitors to my website.

In addition, a web designer will maintain its proactive search engine optimization credit - after all, the information is dynamic. The specific property websites continues to be a more descriptive character traits. Since 90 percent of people start their online research, it remains an effective method to attract buyers.

Social media is another way to stay in front of his friends. Many people stay to remain relevant across the screen and to stand before the other in contact.

Obviously filling the other sides by the MLS and proactively by the introduction of Trulia and Zillow white front of potential customers retains its properties.

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