Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mandiwanzira native internet marketing for artists

MEDIA, services, information dissemination and the deputy Supa Mandiwanzira welcome artists from Zimbabwe assumption internet marketing.


Mandiwanzira was talking Café in Harare at the launch of the website Tuesday Collen Magobeya Zimartists book.
Platforms such as Web Zimartists said to help local artist in touch with the world.

The deputy minister mentioned some of the most popular international acts such as Justin Bieber, whose talent is on the Internet that catapulted him to the top seen.

"Today we have many examples that have made their names on the Internet and become stars in their own right global icons, but were through YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms discovered" Mandiwanzira said.

Magobeya further cheer up with the idea for the website, as it can achieve local acts Zimartist global audience.

"We have a huge audience of music in the diaspora and Zimbabwe we have this platform will give access to more information about our artists," he said.

"It is an important platform and all artists have to take very seriously, because if you will just downloaded, it will notice a window for developers from other countries, to take his talent."

He said it was important for developers, the local music to sell to places online to get to increase the accessibility and the anti-piracy fight.

Zimartists the site is an Internet platform that promotes music acts downstream of Zimbabwe to download video content and emerging entertainment interviews.

In an interview with Newsday, the mastermind behind the project, Magobeya said so far the project had profiled 20 artists and hopes to work with more in the near future.

"So far we have with the music, but in the future, we would also poets, sculptures, and all other forms of art," Magobeya said.

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