Friday, July 25, 2014

What is digital marketing?

square icon comm d Cohn CIRCLE Sometimes when I introduce my company, D. Cohn Communications, with "We specialize in digital marketing," business owners and non-profit organizations that respond with the same enthusiasm and perplexity. What is it? Should I view web pages?

Digital marketing is an entirely new area. Includes the creation of websites, but it is much more. It covers the entire spectrum of Internet marketing tools and public relations: social networks, blogs, newsletters, photographs, videos, logos and articles for print and online publications, but a ( As (Yes, that!)). the unique and valuable services we offer is education. Not only that we online marketing plans to create. We teach organizations how to use these tools themselves. Not all companies can not or will not afford, D. Cohn communication you maintain your accounts or blogs social media continuously, so teach them to do instead.

For example, in late June, I spent six weeks digital marketing workshop of the central offices of the Purdue University North offered graduate and extended learning. The participants represented a wide range of areas: health insurance, professional development, religious leadership, HR, and much more. Everyone was there to learn how to use one digital marketing to benefit your business. It was a wonderful time. Will be offered again this fall, followed by a withdrawal of Digital Marketing leaders throughout the day.

So how can we break in digital marketing? I have a very versatile career, which proves the perfect combination. I've always been a writer and studied journalism and English at school. I earned two master's degrees in English and education. After graduating, I taught high school English, and I was a teacher of composition at Purdue University North Central for over ten years. On the way, he also held various professionals and volunteers who participate public relations, marketing and independent journalism in community relations. Personal interest also taught HTML and how to blog. I was one of the first digital media in Geocities, Friendster, LiveJournal, chat rooms and bulletin board. I had a Twitter account before she had someone to talk to. I've always found fascinating online communications.

So when a friend asked me to wrote to the creation of its new corporate website, Facebook, and their marketing messages, like Why does not intervene: word I knew quickly the technology, marketing, and writing. After only three months, I have to ask enough people for help I have had my position in the PNC, and D. Cohn communication was born. Not quite two years later, I have to keep a team of editors, web developers and designers to me.

I live and breathe digital marketing. I have studied a great deal, of course. But the first thing I do in the morning is to check my check customer accounts and the last thing I did before my light do at night, my client accounts. (The internet can not sleep, but I -. Occasionally anyway) My team and strategies, create digital marketing tools and optimize every day. We do not just talk about digital marketing, we do it for the others. And if our clients want to know how to do, I teach because I am an experienced educator.

D. Cohn communication slogan is "exceptional digital marketing for all" and that's really what we are. Large or small organization or computer-savvy compensation choice we help our clients want bright line. That's what marketing is all digital.

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