Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Online Marketing Company Launches Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

Laurel, Maryland - Village Connection Media, an organization that operates an Internet TV channels and Internet radio channel and the online newspaper, has launched a new mobile marketing system called "The consumer wins Savings System club to life. Consumer connecting with local dealers and consumers saving money for companies.

Traders consumer with a mobile directory containing a geo-location system that shows has offers closest to consumption. The directory is accessible in a browser without downloading smartphone applications. The program is free for consumers and participating merchants to pay a small annual fee for unlimited use of the system. For this price, the dealer may offer to write at any time, as often as they want without sharing their recipes. Dealers are assigned a username and a password to connect to an online store comes with its members, where their coupons automatically created and displayed in the triumph of the consumer! Website Saving Club and on your mobile coupon.

"We have the triumph of the consumer! Saving clubs are local small businesses on an equal footing with the big stores, the larger advertising budgets have," Glenn Garnes said, the result of both the unity of the people, the media and consumers deserve! Save clubs. "Our system allows operators better and more frequent deals without worrying about the cost of your ads worried," Garnes said.

For a limited time, connection time in the media village, on a trial basis in some cities, the program shall be to make the dealers. The test allows the full and unlimited use of the system for a whole year without obligation. Merchants participating in the study have equal access to paid advertisers, but without the cost.

Consumers who wish to participate in the victory! Consumer Savings Club can visit the website and enter http://ConsumersWin.com mailing list community. Dealers interested in participating in the study may, at the front desk at (800) 306-6488, ext contact. 1 if the test in the city.

For more information or questions about the program please call (800) 306-6488 ext. 1


Glenn Garnes, founder of the Association of People, the media available to discuss the program. A retired attorney and businessman, yarn can also comment on a number of other small business topics. It attaches to Glenn@GlennGarnes.com or by phone at (800) 306-6488, ext achieved. A.

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Contact for the media
Company Name: Village Connection Media
Contact: Glenn Garnes
E-mail: glenn@glenngarnes.com
Phone: (800) 306-6488 ext. 1
Country: United States of America
Website: http://ConsumersWin.com

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