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Top 3 Social networking sites for business marketing undiscovered

With the explosion of the Internet, many companies understand that they are a sort of online presence to make yourself stand out from the crowd. This is a good idea to use social media marketing relationships with their customers, which in turn creates confidence and sales want to build. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are full of companies that do just that, so that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

But they are not the only places that you can promote your business. What better place to make that social networks, where there is less competition, we recommend the least known, under the radar of social media sites in this article will help you not to get in a lot of customers - that we're betting the Your business side is not (unless you want to share this article with them).

Targeting Your Customers

Back in the old days, the days when the dinosaurs the earth and telephones had dials, direct mail marketing tactic was tried and true. Most items are shops. It was much more effective for a local dealer to appeal to potential customers in the region, compared to those who may be on the other side of town. If you find a niche - you were the only furniture store advertising - it was almost like a gold mine.

You can still get this type of targeted advertising, but on a much larger scale. If the Internet is a virtual city, social networks are the neighborhoods. Instead the word out about your product or service in the world, would not it be better to those who can actually buy what you sell information?

ask fm

Q This site has over 150 million monthly unique views. He has been in the news recently after they have been some very tragic cases of cyberbullying connected. There were also allegations that the format of the website promotes terrorism. Latvian CEO Ilja Terebin take action to solve these problems and clean the site. Because of the negative publicity, the number of users can go back in the coming months around the world, but as soon as the storm subside back. If they do, you want to have an established presence on this website. allows you to search by products or services, such as accountants or haircuts and see what problems arise. Weigh yourself on these issues, make something of an expert.

2 flickr

This photo-sharing sites have been around for ten years, but never really caught fire as Instagram and other similar formats. This is exactly why you need to spend time and money here. Unlike other busy place, photo sharing, you have a much stronger can have at Flickr pronounced, with less effort and investment presence. This means a higher yield and profitability.

The photos are great storytellers, and you can share the photos to tell the story and your company to find the site. This is important because people actually buy a piece of you, as opposed to what you have to sell on their shelves.


In Europe, only Facebook is larger than this Russian based website. The interface and the appearance of the UK are like Facebook and: exchange private messages and photos. The site is not well known in the West. Much of the interaction between users is Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic language.

You can create a company page on VK is specifically for people who want to achieve. If your target group is an ethnic neighborhood in the West or in parts of Eastern Europe VK is a must. Not only that, users of this website have friends all over the world, and information about VK is easy to transport on Facebook and other sites in western-centric. It's like free advertising.

Tell us what you think. What is your choice for the gem to discover the marketing of social media?


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