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We had the opportunity to work with companies and entrepreneurs at all levels in the last 5 years +. In fact, years of experience that we had with our partners and the results of the work to meet their challenges caused us very thorough and knowledgeable in many different industries. Check out our list of seven basic tips that we believe that every business owner should know to have a successful website and online market.

1 Identify Site visitors are and determines a high quality website for them

People often make the mistake together a website and just focus on themselves and their businesses. That's what should be a website, right? Self-promotion and all. But the truth is that a visitor to a website does not care about you or your company as much as they care about themselves. They probably have a problem or pain point, and want to quickly determine whether you reliably able to fix this problem for you at a fair price.

You should take the time to identify your primary site visitors. Meet them internally and try to imagine what they see when they want to land on your site. Consider where the visitor comes from - is clicked on a link from another site, they have a search on Google, searching Yelp page of your company or a combination of the above. Use this knowledge to select the highlighted information that you see the visitor and present it in a clear and attractive way wish to determine.

Two. Creating informative content balanced with a healthy mix of image and copy

Nobody wants to read a wall of text if they land on your site. You want to go. They want to see photos, pour over the headlines, choose sets, while quietly assessment of your website and its content. It's a little intimidating to know that there is a critical period of 10 seconds when the first visitors to your site, where everything is heavily judged on her, and make your decision quickly, or to convert stay and watch, to leave. That is the nature of the beast. Therefore, make sure that the first impression is good. Do not copy text, and no slapping not only pictures and video anywhere to exaggerate either. A healthy balance will go a long way.

Content balanced: a healthy balance between the text and the media

Three. Monitor competition for new ideas and strategies

As a small business owner and entrepreneur can come as second nature to you, but you may be missing when it comes to your website. To remain competitive, you must keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to keep, and the same goes for your website. There may be some techniques or products that your competitor uses to bring more companies do not use, and you will never know until you do the research.

Ideally you will have a lot of this kind of education work before building your website, making sure that you do spend in the right places time and money. Some common features that will probably be in your business website producing forms of contact line forms opt-in newsletter, scheduling functions, Testimonials Video / Text, image gallery / portfolio record list is long.

. 4 A good use of analysis - analysis of your visitors and conversions

If your website is online, make sure you have software installed statistical control. Google Analytics is a popular and widely used monitoring software, which is free to use. They will remain in a position to almost anything except his name and home address (which seems strange not so far-fetched with the current technology) visitors. Some important information for the monthly monitoring of daily / rate (the percentage of single-page visits) rebound, average duration of visits, pages per visit and more visits. You can see what you have sent you the most traffic Fonts (search engines, referring sites, media, etc.) came and the location of the visitors.
Example of Google Analytics
With a little configuration, you can use your analysis of what to tell than one conversion software. It can be a phone call, it may be filled in the estimate, or it could mean buying a product in your online store. Once you have conversion tracking set up, you will be able to determine which traffic sources bring more conversions. You can check the pages are better, and those who are far away. You need to optimize with fewer conversions and improve work to your site at full capacity.

Be interesting and informative content on your blog on a regular basis 5

When it comes to SEO, Google reeeally want to add new content on a regular basis, mainly because people want to read and share content. They even have sophisticated algorithms that can determine the quality of your work, to see how long visitors spend reading your articles, the frequency with which share via social channels. Determine whether an Article important, and valuable content that they encounter in the search results so that more people can find it. So if you work together consistently and successfully create useful content that encourages its readers to, you will be able to exponentially exposure and traffic to your site. This is a good thing, people!

6 Use add video and rich images your copy text

The possibilities of "Oohhh" and "Aaaahhh" Do not miss your visitors. Use professional high resolution images on the spot, instead of matt pixelated blurry images. You can have a web site under normal conditions, but if the images seem from his work smooth and professional, the viewer only the design of your website can be wrong with a grain of salt. Conversely, if you have a beautiful place, but the pictures are amateurs who carried a lot of your credibility.

The video is a great way to develop messages to your prospects and transfer. If you have a budget, you can create a base mounting style video or animation build your own portfolio offers a brief explanation of their services. You have a unique way to provide visitors to your content in video format as it has proven to be a very effective marketing tool to find.

Combine SEO + PPC advertising to bring a flood of visitors to your website 7.

And yet, a good website will not do much on your own. You must complete a traffic source. For some companies, the popularity may come naturally, for others you need to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising or run strong SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. Factor in the marketing phase input, so you will not run out of steam after building your business website. Once you cross the T and you believe your site is complete and ready for the public, you should work on the number of hits per month. With a regularly updated help with the SEO side of things, and lets you connect with other bloggers and industry leaders in their field blog. Give your guests and ask other bloggers, your articles with other people on your blog. If you prefer a full-service agency web management all these tasks for you, you can go to the contact page and let us know!

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