Friday, July 18, 2014

Google waves in the UK announces the expansion of online sales

Google UK operation sales jumped 22 per cent to $ 1.62bn (€ 948) in the three months to June, a positive sign for the overall economy of the United Kingdom.

Even if the strength of the pound sterling, sales increased in the UK by 15 percent on an adjusted basis.

CFO Patrick Pichette said the company was "very pleased with the momentum" in the United Kingdom, the largest market outside the United States.

Google UK performance echo "Manso" quarterly survey of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which revealed that British merchants increased advertising budgets for the seventh quarter in a row before. This is the longest continuous growth in 14-year history of the survey of signs that the UK economy is growing strongly, period. Internet marketing grew at its fastest pace in a year, according to the institute.

Google, the largest media company in the United Kingdom for advertising revenue, saw its sales double in the UK in four years, even if it is the majority of sales in Ireland, the UK corporation tax to avoid tax.

Global sales rose 22 percent to $ 15.96bn last quarter, but profit rose slightly to $ 3.42bn, $ 3.23bn against an earli-er of the year 2200 adjusted as additional staff. The average value of cost per click an advertiser pays when a user clicks on an ad to 6 percent.

Mr. Pichette said Google continues on its network of ultra-fast broadband fiber in the United States in its attempt to "build demand" for people to more online services use to invest. Discussions company with 34 cities in America.

Reports have suggested that also focuses on the possession of a fiber-optic network in UK, which could be a threat to BT and Virgin Media.

Nikesh Arora, Google's managing director and former head of the UK, has been sent to Softbank in Japan.

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