Tuesday, August 19, 2014

20 years online sales: How E-Commerce Marketing has changed?

Online shopping has the retail environment unrecognizable changed since that fateful day 20 years ago, when a user purchased a CD of Sting on the site of the United States, Netmarket officially was the first online purchase. Probably increasingly separated the world of distribution from the days when consumers entered a WHSmith Fopp or buy a physical CD, consumers can now buy at the click of button the house without being seen or physically touched the product. For years, this means that online shopping is automatically less personally, without consumer interaction with brands and at the same experience that everyone who inspected regardless of their taste.

Technology has led to a rapid change in the last 20 years, with brands now the data that is important about their customers, they have to offer more personalized experience every time fully understand. The challenge for marketers is to unify its data through the channels to consumers behind are increasingly adopting multi-channel experience. How consumers interact online is transparent, so that the retail experience should reflect this behavior, and this can only be achieved by the in-situ tissue data, offsite and offline channels.

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