Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Influence factor is the key to effective content marketing [of #CZLSF]

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, talks about the co-creation of content and how to truly global marketing message of "influence".

Not one hand went, as Lee Odden, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of TopRank Online Marketing,   asked a room full of digital marketing ClickZ live from San Francisco, "How many people are disappointed when they your Inbox E-mail or Twitter feed?"

During his speech, "to influence influencers. Co-magic created social marketing," Odden said there are over 254 million blogs on the Internet For this reason, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand for retail and a good compelling content has become much more critical.

"Content should be influential. Influence is not a lot of fans, friends and supporters. Influence the pace of beliefs, behaviors and actions. A Influencer is someone who can influence the action," Odden said.

He added that the association with people who are already established in the area to be known, and the creation of content with them might be a good place to start the journey "Influencer". Odden said a Nielsen study found that 85 percent of consumers use their information "experts".


In addition to the above Odden, proposed a five-point strategy to ensure Marketing influential. This includes:

  • Definition of objectives
  • Select Themes - Odden recommends focusing on one topic throughout the year, stressed that a blog is not only tweeted, but contribute to the overall public perception of the company. "How does the things that preceded it, and the things that come later?" He asked.
  • Hunting influential - "The best time to raise an army, is not the first day of the war," said Odden In other words, take the time to feed your audience reach recommended first hand .. so benign as comments on blogs and retweets. When it comes, he noted the importance of concise and highlighting what.'s In it for [audience]
  • Creating and promoting content - Odden stressed the importance of making the content easy to share, both for consumers and partners. Offer a salary before written, and the schedule is a way to simplify things for the influential.
  • Performance possible by measurement.

Adjournment, spoke about the Odden TopRank e-book, which was published earlier this month, the first in a four part series. Structure of a content strategy in marketing offers advice to a dozen brands such as Progressive Insurance, software companies, BitTorrent, and equipment manufacturer John Deere.

. "We cooperate created the content of our target group and another company had to pay for it," he said, "Even if we have a customer who never acquired profitable - that's how big."

Stanislav Gladkov was interested to hear a social media provider of the Ukraine, monetization and left the meeting back with four.

"I liked [the presentation] because this is what I preached to my partner, since I joined my company," says Jennifer age joke, Vice President for Marketing and Communication at SC & H Group, a Baltimore tax.

Old joke said his head is removed from the session that Odden has confirmed that there is no exact science in digital marketing. "It is refreshing to know that as an industry we must continue to grow, adapt, analyze and refine," he said.

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