Friday, August 15, 2014

Consumer Tracking Facebook adds cross-device

The new reporting capabilities, multi-platform Facebook enable providers to better understand how advertising might seen on a device lead made on another device online purchases. For example, companies who advertise on Facebook can now see that the client Respective products / services She had clicked something on the web page purchased and provided an indication of this product with your smartphone a few days.

The new system Respective products / services Reports for inter-device was announced on Wednesday in a position of product news about the activities of Facebook Respective products / services Blog.

Facebook said the system enables advertisers, "first seen in the communication, how people move between devices - in Mobile Respective products / services and Web applications - before they become. "

Removing Marketing "guess"

Until now, to understand how customers move from shopping to see ads when multiple devices are used, a number of assumptions made, said Dennis Yu, CTO flash Metrics business Internet marketing firm based in Minneapolis.

We joined Yu wonder how the new Facebook to reports online retailers and their customers.

"My role is to ensure that we do everything that Facebook offers advantages," Yu said. "The cross-channel part is very important."

Yu gave the example of a client company of events that could reach first saw potential participants through a Facebook ad on a mobile device. Yu could While a person interested in opening be an upcoming event, he said, "are not to be stored on the phone -. This is ridiculous," Enter is all necessary background information for the registration of said event too heavy on a mobile device have, so would-be clients to wait probably until you get home and can use their laptop.

Allow marketers to see this kind of behavior on all devices is "a crucial problem that Facebook has to solve," Yu said. New generation of reports, he said, are "a good thing."

Yu added that the declaration of the multi-platform to raise no new questions of privacy, since only users who have an account in Facebook freely across different devices is applied.

Automatic optimization

In the announcement of the new reporting features, Facebook said: "It provides advice, execution and measurement conversion devices With the Cruz report new device can advertisers now the equipment in which people see displays and devices that conversions occur later.. "

A recent analysis of advertising campaigns, for example, that people who have viewed a Facebook mobile ad before purchasing the equivalent of more than 32 percent - in other words, they buy something - within 28 days with a desktop.

Third analysis Respective products / services Tools like Google Analytics could for this multi-device companies to account, said Facebook message. This is due to the activity of monitoring the websites handled differently - the use of cookies, for example - that control activity on mobile devices.

Seeing how customers move, display ads for the purchase, regardless of the device are to show marketers better ROI in advertising on Facebook, Yu said. You will also be able to offer more personalized marketing messages to targeted specific customer interests, he added.

"The middle class when they want to measure the ROI, which wants to see the sales," Yu said. With the new data from Facebook Respective products / services , He added: "You will see the automatic optimization of ads."

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