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How to measure the success of marketing activities on the Internet

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20, 2014 / PRNewswire / - Cyberset is an online marketing company that offers a proof for his criticism of the customers in the area. Since the company's inception seven years ago, Cyberset offered marketing reports of their clients measurable results. To change as technology and Internet marketing methods and grow, as well as the team reports in Internet marketing consultant for Cyberset. Here is a list of the most important factors that seek to measure the success of your online marketing efforts:

Monthly Visitors

Site visitors can be counted in two different ways. "Visitors" are the total number of people that your site in a month. "Unique Visitors" are the number of different people who visit your site. Subsequent requests from the same person are not counted as visitors when they occur after a certain time (usually 30 minutes). For example, if a person goes on a Monday and Thursday for new web site, this is detected as two visits of a visitor.

Page views per month

Page views shows the number of individual pages of your site to read the user. On the Internet, a page request is from a web surfer clicks on a link on another "page" that come on the page in question. This contrasts with a "tube", which refers to a request for a file from a web server. So there can be many hits per "page" view of a "page" HTML can can consist of several files.

Amount of time to keep visitors on your site

Once Cyberset determines the number of visitors to your website to find out how long each visitor spends on your site.

Number of created Search Month

Search engines slopes Cyberset sending so many people to your site. Note also tap the keywords the user in the search engines that lead them to your website. This allows the Internet marketing business to determine which keywords you use on your site and what keywords you should optimize to promote your business.

Number of links to your website

Cyberset found that the more sites you have linked to your site, the more search engines to find your street data on the site and save. More roads means better placement.

Social Media Coverage

Frame will give you a good understanding of the attractiveness of its content in social media is that your target audience. Cyberset informed customers of the following methods to reach a wider audience:

  • Connections on LinkedIn
  • Followers on Twitter
  • Like on his Facebook page
  • Views and subscribers on their YouTube channel
  • Traffic to your blog

A solid baseline

The latter can be calculated in the final. Was the sale of various products and / or services contracted marketing your online business? If so, then congratulations to them! This is the real proof that they have done their work.

Cyberset is a one-stop destination for all your internet marketing and information technology. Call them for a free consultation at (800) 601-5053 or online at

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