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The scope of the export supply capacity Missing PrestaShop for Google Shopping

August 8, 2014, by IMDotNet

By submitting your product stream Google Shopping can be a very frustrating experience, even if an e-commerce platform, which is supposedly "friendly" used. But you can not always blame the platform, especially if your problem is not t all popular among users. And ,, Google itself is of course not quite perfect at all times.

Follow the "Availability" field foul

A potential problem when exporting PrestaShop RSS Google Shopping is a missing attribute that Google really needs. They lack the "availability" can be a very serious problem. This is especially true if the performance is very good and everyone is downloading your item in stock. When hundreds of articles say, in fact, they are "in stock" on the landing page, but Google is not collected on them and see, you have a big problem on your hands.

Unfortunately for you, you can not expect Google to help. Try to tell them about your "availability" missing attribute and, in all likelihood, all they will do is tell them they are their "availability" attribute is missing. As if you do not already know!

But what you may not know is that, if the attribute is "availability" of his article, then Google will suspend your merchant account. It will not work if everything else in the Merchant Center. It seems that Google Merchant module automatically generates data streams that not everything you need, Google may contain.

Manual options

The most obvious way around this problem is to use Excel to create a data stream manually and each product to food. This can work with a handful of items, but if you have your articles hundreds, then all his time.

Another option would probably be more effective. This feature requires that you export to a CSV file rather than an Excel spreadsheet. Then you can use Excel to edit it. You can simply put on a column of Availability, and only add manually to your Google Merchant Center. This saves time.

Automation options

But if you really want to save time (and effort), maybe it is time for you to take advantage of PrestaShop modules take, so you do not automatically do. It will cost money, but again the price is worth it if it prevents future problems.

The advantages of these modules are numerous. For one, it saves you a lot of time, then you can focus on other aspects of your business. It saves a lot of headaches as well, since these modules are designed to solve problems, not the cause. Best of all, it prevents Google to suspend your merchant account.

And as a bonus, module manufacturers can ask for advice. This saves you the advice to search through Google - what appears to be an exercise in futility, anyway!

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