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Digital marketing agency Roger West Free Press Restaurant Marketing Brochures

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August 12, 2014 21.00 clock EDT

Tampa, FL - (Marketwire Wired) - 08/12/14 - Roger West Creative and Code, digital marketing agency in Tampa, Florida, announces the launch of a restaurant-free data marketing brochure with the title and Diner: With Customer Intelligence, in order to attract more customers. The brochure offers restaurants market research relevant markets and provides practical methods for the collection, management, access and analysis of customer data.

According to several recent studies, the data are one of the biggest challenges in marketing the restaurant. In fact, 71% of marketing managers feel ready for the explosion of data, face (Unlimited, 2014).

"In our experience, we have many restaurants dealer struggling with customer data taken -. And it goes far beyond the analysis of these dealers are having a meeting difficulties, access and influence in your restaurant marketing efforts," says Michael Westafer CEO Roger West Creative and Conduct.

, Despite their efforts, 87% of the marketers, however, agree that needs access to the data to do their job well. Unfortunately, only 55% of these retailers have access to the data they need (Domo).

"Access to customer data requires sellers'll do two things: identify, to collect appropriate and adequate systems to manage data," says Westafer "Once you this, you can use the customer data to make better decisions in their. marketing options. "

Restaurant marketing brochure is available on the website of the agency for digital marketing.
The brochure provides research and consultancy, as relevant marketers Restaurant:

  • Select the type of customer data.
  • Providing customers with a transparent environment to provide personal information.
  • A system to save with the dealer, manage data for campaigns and ongoing analysis and allows to customers.
  • Use of customer data to send e-mail campaigns, targeted text.
  • Ideas lever clients create marketing campaigns commitment.

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