Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A look at the composition of the special economic zone

In just two years has seen the population of more than 120 companies, Cayman Enterprise City.

Most of these companies belong to the technology sector, but the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is home to media companies, biotechnology and more.

Since the launch in 2012 of the CEC have over 120 companies in the Special Economic Zone. The SEZ includes five categories of companies; Internet and technology, commodities and derivatives, media and marketing, biotechnology and science.

"Currently there are about 42% of the companies in the field of Internet and technology, there is a 24% of the raw materials," said Vice President of Marketing CEC Hilary McKenzie-Cahill.

The remaining third of the companies are in science, biotechnology and media and marketing.

"There are many Internet marketing companies that have shown so much interest in the CCA, so I think we are seeing more and more," McKenzie-Cahill, the company developing digital media applications may have special advantages, said the in the environment.

"For them, it is an ideal solution, since it is a product that is in iTunes and every time someone is downloading, you paid for it. This is ideal for the special economic zone solution. They made not in New York or London Works of base Cayman good for them, "Mrs. McKenzie-Cahill said.

Local company has stepped up its marketing efforts in Canada, Israel and India and taken a proactive approach to social media marketing.

"The social media and online marketing just taken, if so try to keep up with our YouTube, our Twitter, our Facebook page, our Linkedin., We do a lot of direct campaigns Linkedin, reach the CEO large high-tech -Unternehmen has proven to be very effective, "said Sasha Carrig, CCE and marketing coordinator for the company.

Hope is the continued build this aggressive marketing help for special economic zones in two years of growth.

Cayman Enterprise City told Cayman 27 are in the process of acquiring land for its main outside school Georgetown. Construction is expected to begin in 2015.

Cayman 27 Joe Avary presented this report.

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