Wednesday, August 13, 2014

7 Mobile Marketing Myths and misconceptions

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If your company is not in the field of mobile marketing jumped, here are some statistics to consider:

  • 1.4 billion smartphones were in use (one in seven people in the world) in 2013.
  • Americans spend usually up to two hours a day on their mobile devices.
  • One in four online searches performed in a mobile device.
  • 57 percent of users do not recommend companies with poor mobile sites.

That should be enough to convince a company to participate in mobile marketing - so you do not succumb to these myths and misconceptions of mobile marketing.

1 Mobile Marketing is a flash in the pan., I Do not think so. Or, as an Internet marketing expert Matt Bacak says bluntly: "You're just an idiot if you think that mobile marketing is here to stay."

Two mobile users are all equal. Some companies believe that mobile marketing is only effective with or Millennium Generation Y DigiDay But media companies, more than half of mobile technology over 35 years, and over time. "The older generations are armed with smartphones and tablets with them," and they do not want to "lose the game because you think that you are too late," Angela said to Suico Business2Community.

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3 companies do not need to optimize their sites for mobile marketing. This is a popular belief that the normal work site is easy to read and use with a mobile device. But the mobile consumer who is not easy to navigate to your website is unlikely to return. Business websites should be optimized for mobile content.

4 mobile users primarily use their devices when away from home. According to a study by AOL Networks and the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, most of the prints from mobile devices (an impressive 75 percent) do not have when users are in movement been delivered. Instead, these impressions have observed most often in a family setting.

5 Everything you need for mobile marketing is the mobile application. A smartphone application is only part of a global mobile marketing strategy. SMS, QR codes and mobile optimized website (see Myth # 3) is playing an increasing role. When Lindsay Woodworth wrote the seller mobile, "to integrate mobile contacts in your organization and offer multiple ways to interact with the customers and their loyalty to the success in mobile marketing."

6 The more a consumer is, the better., This is not necessarily true that the level of consumer involvement increases, the more he or she a website from your mobile device. In fact, says Chad Gallagher, Head of Mobile at AOL Networks, "by consumers in the first pages of content in a deeper engagement announcements and [a] higher conversion rate to open in the outcome of the meeting seen."

7 More content is better than some content. Myth # 6 As shown, mobile users do not always optimized seduced by a lot of content on your website. Quite the opposite - too much content tends to discourage participation. Focus on the offer tempting pieces of content, the determination of their own, help to explore in greater length your business.

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