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Twitter Ads will go up, but watch this hack AdWords

Twitter ads are incredibly good, but beware a new hack, if you are using Google AdWords. Stay in touch with important news, as it can affect your small business is tough. This is especially true when you are busy running your small business, are at the same time. The editorial team of Small Business Trends his back. This is our overview of the most important news of the week could affect your business.

Online Advertising

Twitter Article 277 million in ad sales, 81 percent mobile. For those who are wondering if the advertising on Twitter was a good bet, you can solve the problem. Has microblogging platform a surprise 30 percent increase on the value of the shares after the announcement of 283 million dollars to the $ 277 million revenue from advertising Twitter Tuesday. This is a 129 percent increase in advertising revenue compared to a year ago.

Your competitors steal your AdWords budget? A new kind of click fraud seems to emerge. If your business is online advertising on a service like Google AdWords, your competitors could a metro service that actually use clicks on your ads again and again without giving any traffic or sales.

Email Marketing

Vertical You can e-mail without collecting a website. Vertical, a solution of e-mail marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs, has hosted and user-defined characters to pages in your marketing platform. The new website will have free access to new and existing customers with Vertical will be up to 1,000 subscribers.

10 of our best articles on email marketing for small businesses. If you think email marketing is dead, think again. For most online businesses make the most of their money from their followers by e-mail, it is clear that the focus remains absolutely critical. First, has the e-mail always one of the most important communication channels on the Internet. He was there before the birth of social media.


eBay ProStores formwork, some Magento e-commerce platforms. eBay has recently announced that they stop ProStores, so that many traders face a difficult decision. ProStores, of course, is an independent e-commerce platform in which to load their products and sell them directly from your own site. ProStores was recently acquired by eBay auction site and has decided to discontinue the operation.

31 percent of the newspaper e-book sales are now self-published authors. There was a time when publishing an e-book could be an effective branding and marketing effort. Could an expert in your field to be set in order for you to market on new products and services, and maybe they get more customers and conversations. But now, e-books into a viable business of your own. Even very small publishers are closer to the action.

45 autonomous vehicles eCommerce for your website. When creating an e-commerce website, one of the elements that must be taken is a separate car. After all, how your customers buy your products if they have nothing to wear? Many may think that the integration of a cart on your website is really hard work and requires a lot of programming. But nothing could be further from the truth.


Google and Twitch: Why a marketing plan video content needed now. Do you think that a marketing plan video content is now not necessary? Think again. The recent development of the purchasing department 1000000000 Google Live Streaming Twitch is a red flag that video marketing is exploding. So to know that - Google and Twitch - what does that mean for marketers that? We will investigate.

6 Two examples of effective marketing vid video. It has the visual effect used 6 seconds Vine is your small business? Vine creates an opportunity to use the video, the most popular content on the Internet, in a very unique way. It combines with another video powerful force in online marketing, social networking, so short, versatile and easy to share. But the vid also creates a unique challenge for brands of all sizes.

On the right-

Followed by anonymous negative comments? Here is a solution. If your company sells products online, chances are you have received anonymous negative reviews. Online reviews are designed to provide consumers better through online retailers (and can give companies the information), but can be nearly impossible to please everyone.

Bloggers can be punished for ruining a company? Online reviews can make your business, if positive to promote. They are essentially as word of mouth. Of course the other side of this is that all the reviews are good. Consumers have the right to leave comments, positive or negative, as they want, as long as the information is true.


This coffee has sold more than just coffee. Providing a high quality product or service is essential to the success of any business. But if you have a local business, that alone may not be enough. You must also create an environment in which companies that customers want to be part. This is the aspect of society that focuses on Phil Jaber at the start Philz Coffee in San Francisco in 2002.

Start using Facebook to sell cotton candy for a cause. Tasha Kornegay launched its Home Gourmet Cotton Candy Oscar William, less than a year. But he has already won its first investment of 20 times. And it is a tool that she attributes to success -., The media The company currently has launched over 1,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram accounts and recently launched.

Impro! 360 used software in the cloud. If you have a website or a company for home improvement is visited a renovation of the house, you may have already experienced the services of this company. Impro! 360 Work Management (CRM) industry home improvement. At a time when the software is actually installed on the computer of a client system.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing and update Google Pigeon. Recently, Google has a change in the algorithm to improve the accuracy and relevance of local results. To be clear, the algorithm was invented "Google Pigeon" of Search Engine Land, and not Google, but the change happened anyway. If Google comes with a name for the algorithm, we will inform you immediately.

This retweets Hotel Rewards customers. Social media is a powerful promotional tool for businesses, in part because it customers and links to some of the work for you. If you are a company that can use their social connections to information to share about your business, you should be able to get a few people. The hard part is actually getting customers to your business.


Canvas Button: What does it mean and why will see. If you are stuck with a boring design website and do not have the technical expertise to improve the new web button may be an option. The web button enables site owners to quickly such as head and to develop their own website banner elements with drag and drop technology.

Your browser Chrome Battery is running. The idea that the Google Chrome web browser is the laptop battery runs is more than urban legend. Recently, the company announced that Chrome puts a strain on the battery of the laptop that is, its ability to provide a charge for a long time to hold it while it is running. And recently said Google has commissioned a team to achieve and work towards a solution, a solution for the bug.

This works like a touch screen computer panel. Imagine that your product demonstration on the drawing board, which functions as the iPad. Imagine. Before attaching a projector to this chart for presentation on a large screen at the next wall Now imagine all you need is your laptop computer to use these functions, and many others, to life. The creators of the touch screen panel IKKUT worked to realize it all.

Box can be with Office 365 is the "war of storage." While a few years ago, the cloud was still a little science fiction for most small businesses, is gaining momentum in ways you could not imagine. We went to exorbitant amounts of relatively small amounts of space increasingly large amounts of cheap storage and integration on more platforms to pay.

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