Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Internet Marketing Consultant

Title: Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC)

Start date: August 2014

Market opportunities:

At ReachLocal, our goal is for small businesses with software solutions that increase revenue and increase profitability.

The IMC is responsible for the distribution of media products online ReachLocal Edge and scope of small and medium-sized enterprises.

A thorough knowledge of the range of media products, such as all ReachLocal:

  • ReachLocal edge solution
  • Products on the basis of ReachLocal online advertising
  • SaaS solutions

Skills and job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for sales, promotion and demonstration of the value of products, solutions and services ReachLocal in your market (s) referred to.
  • To fill populate and manage the sales process from prospecting to customer loyalty. This includes an agreement and payment options customers.
  • Make a note to meet all sales activities in sales force and all the monthly sales targets and KPIs.

Personal characteristics:

  • Communication / listening skills strong
  • Ability to work as internal stakeholders and functional teams
  • Displays and / or provides a conceptual picture of the solution
  • Problem Solver cooperation
  • Emulate and represent our brand and company business
  • Ability to assimilate information quickly and to speed up the learning curve short time
  • Ability, technology, creative use of existing customers


  • Based acquisition of B2B sales - offering solution / portfolio
  • Experience in selling technology solutions and media for local businesses
  • Tested ability to meet sales targets and exceed
  • Discover experience solutions based sales techniques to meet customer needs and communicate the specific value (s) of your products / services to key decision makers
  • Experience in creating and managing a portfolio of annual sales based on monthly, quarterly and sales goals
  • Strong interpersonal skills that need to be adjusted with excellent oral and written communication
  • Individual independent dynamic that takes place in a dynamic work environment Business
  • The experience in the technology and software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product sales is an asset
  • Experience with

We are looking for the best and brightest:

  • 1-4 years experience in a sales position in
  • Exceptional business communication skills with the ability to sell at the levels of decision-making and conduct face to face
  • Motivated car with a good work ethic
  • Tested ability to meet sales targets and exceed
  • Internet Savvy

Compensation and Benefits:

  • 28-32k £ 6k travel, monthly commissions, a quarterly bonus
  • Comprehensive training, sales support, CRM, database targeted to help prospective sales ramp quickly.
  • 12 months of training with a more efficient IMC.

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